Which do you think lasts longer friendship or romance?  According to a new survey nearly 62% of Americans say their friendships last longer than their romantic relationships.  More than 1,300 were surveyed by game company Fort Mason Games. 

"As a company that is inventing the next generation of mobile games to make them more social and collaborative, we are interested in how people think about friendship," said Fort Mason Games CEO Kate Gorman. "The underlying takeaway is that Americans value their friendships and put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining those relationships in person and online."

Results from the survey...trustworthiness is the most important trait, most think they will have friends for life, and being busy is a major obstacle.

How do you react to this?  Do you think that romantic relationships are more "disposable" than friendships?  Would you give up a friendship for romance?

Here is more of the Fort Mason Games Friendship Survey.



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