Rex Ryan has always been an outspoken character.  You never really knew what he was going to say next.  This one was enough to force his co-analyst off the set.

One of the first things Rex Ryan did when he became coach of the Buffalo Bills was to walk up to the microphone at his initial press conference and say "Is this thing on?  Because it's about to be."

That was the beginning of a long list of outlandish things that the coach said while he was the leader of our team.  He went out and got a tattoo covered up, he had one of the most recognizable vehicles in the area because it was wrapped in Bills colors (then removed it the second he got fired), and just always gave you that "what is he going to say/do next" type of feelings.

What he said on the set of ESPN's "Get Up!" made one of his co-analysts laugh so much that he had to get up and actually leave the set for a minute.


For those of you who are confused about what's funny there, let me break it down for you.

The conversation is about Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  He's evidently got a toe injury that is holding him back.  Nothing funny about that.  But when Rex Ryan declares himself to be a "Toe Expert" Ryan Clark loses it.  It's a pretty well-known thing that Rex Ryan has a foot fetish.  He's been open about it for years.

That's the kind of thing that people have loved about Rex Ryan for years.  He's always making jokes...even if they're at his own expense.


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