Resurgence Brewing has opened a new location on Chicago Street and has made the announcement that they will be closing their location on Niagara Street.

The announcement was made on Facebook earlier this afternoon and said that the goal of closing the original location was to focus on "other opportunities."

The good news is, that they aren't going to just close the doors without letting you say goodbye.  They also said they will be having a farewell week with special hours:

Wednesday, Feb 3, 4 pm-10 pm
Thursday, Feb 4, 4 pm-10 pm
Friday, Feb 5 4pm-10pm
Saturday, Feb 6 12pm-10pm
Sunday, Feb 7 12pm-5pm

It looks as though food and beer will be available all five days.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the new location on Chicago Street, it's beautiful.  It came from an old warehouse building, but they've made it into something to see, right down by the Buffalo River and Riverfest Park.  It's got a full menu and actual dining areas for people to sit, eat, and drink.

Nothing will replace the original...ever.  It was always really cool to go down there, get a soft pretzel and a beer, then maybe go outside to play cornhole and enjoy the Buffalo weather.

However, they did leave us with a little extra hope that there may be more to this announcement.  If you look closely, you'll see that the very last sentence says, "we hope to have more exciting news to share with you in the near future!"

Will they be adding something to the Chicago Street location?  Will there be a new location altogether?  Looks like we will find out in the near future!


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