It has been a real back and forth battle between the restaurant industry and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Today, the restaurants got to take one step forward.

Ever since the pandemic began it feels as though the bar and restaurant industry has had to really get creative to keep their doors open.  The restrictions change daily.

Today, the curfew for restaurants and bars was extended from 11pm to midnight.  For catered events the curfew is pushed to 1am.

According to WGRZ, the new restrictions will go into effect starting on April 19th.

Governor Cuomo still warns people though that we are not in the clear yet when it comes to COVID-19:

"The disease is still very much with us. You see it escalating in some states, you see it escalating in some countries. So, we have to stay smart until COVID is crushed, and it won't be crushed until we get herd immunity." NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo

A couple months ago, a bunch of restaurants sued New York State in order to avoid having such an early curfew.  That ruling was upheld by the court but then just a few weeks ago, was reversed so that those restaurants would have to abide by the 11pm curfew.

The claim from the state is that restaurants do not need to serve food at indoor sit down dining past 11pm and that those restaurants just become opportunities for people to gather and therefore spread the virus.  It's not that the virus stops at 11, but that people tend to gather to hang out and drink.

Starting April 19th, all restaurants in New York State will be able to stay open until midnight.


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