REM Bassist performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra over the weekend. After his performance he made a pit stop!




REM bassist Mike Mills was in town playing with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on Saturday. After he was finished he hit up Allentown (it is right there!) and surprised not only a local REM cover band, but the fans as well.

He literally just showed up and started playing! The song he performed was, "Man on the Moon."

You can check out the video here courtesy of Channel 7:

I absolutely love this! How cool would it be if you were in a coverband and an original member actually joins you on stage? That is just the coolest thing and shows how awesome and humble Mike Mills is!

What coverband do you want to see in Buffalo? Who are your favorite coverbands? Do you like more of a variety or just one artist? Either way, this is just absolutely epic!


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