Movie lovers, get ready to return to the movies on Friday, August 21.  Regal Theaters has announced its plans to re-open, along with a specific guide as to which new movies can be seen.

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Here's the Regal Theaters Reopening Movie Line-Up:

  • August 21 -  HINGED (featuring Russell Crowe)
  • August 28 - THE NEW MUTANTS
  • September 3 - TENANT
  • September 18 - THE KINGS MAN
  • September 25 - GREENLAND
  • October 2 - WW84

When Regal Theaters reopen on August 21, there are new restrictions you'll need to abide by. You can see the full list below

I also have the Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass.  The pass allows you to see as many movies as you want or are able to see within a month's time.  The Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass has three plans to choose from ranging in price $18 per month to $23.50 per month, which is phenomenal for avid allows you to see an unlimited number of Regal Theater movies each month. After a long six months without new movies, this might be a good call!

Regal Theaters also has a mobile app affording you the convenience to see movie showtimes and purchase tickets in advance to avoid the lines, locate Regal Theaters nationwide, order concessions online, and earn rewards.


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