Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday aka Paczki Day and while much of the country will be looking for a baby in a cake, We here in WNY will be downing delicious Polish donuts called Paczki. But are you saying it right?

Paczki is a traditional polish donut that is filled with jelly or cream and usually goes on sale on Fat Tuesday.

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Now ask anyone who isn't Polish how to pronounce "Paczki", you probably would get several different ways. It is not an easy word to say.

So if you want to indulge in this amazing Polish treat during the Lent season, here is the correct pronunciation of Paczki. You say "Ponch-Key".

To make it simple, here is a quick meme to help you say it right. Remember the TV show "ChIPS"? One of the main characters was Ponch. You take his name and add the word "key" to it and boom you have "Ponch-Key"

So some audio help here is the correct way of saying "Paczki"


Paczki is just a fried donut that is filled with jelly or cream and usually covered in Powerder sugar or a glaze.

They have been around since the middle ages and have become more of a traditional donut-style treat as the dough improved over the years.

Paczki can be found in bakeries all over Western New York and at local Supermarkets like Tops and Market In The Square.

Enjoying a Paczki is a great way to kick off Fat Tuesday. So go ahead and grab one or two or even a dozen and enjoy.

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