It is road trip season!  Phones have made travel so much easier, and so much more fun!  If you're taking a trip, make sure you've got these downloaded.

Road trips can be incredible.  But you have to have the right company and the right things to do.  Make the trip about the journey and it's not such a task!

These apps will help:

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  • Roadtrippers – Trip Planner – Half the fun of a road trip is the journey. This app will ask what you like to do, then it will ask what route you’re taking to get there.  Then it will give you all kinds of things that are along your route to do on the way.  It will suggest fun stops, cool restaurants, or really whatever you’d like to do!
  • Gas Buddy – We all need this one these days. Pretty simple…it uses your location and then tells you where the cheapest gas is.
  • Roadside America – Want to know where the world’s largest Paul Bunyan statue is and if it’s on your route? Roadside America can take you to all the closest roadside attractions to your trip.
  • iExit Interstate Exit Guide – Tired of waiting to see if one of your favorite restaurants is at the next exit? Don’t want to wait for the next rest area to go to the bathroom?  This app will tell you what is offered at almost every exit along the thruway long before you get to them.
  • Fotospot Road Trip Planner – This one is sweet if you’re an instagrammer. Want the best pictures along your route?  This app will help you explore over 8,000 of their favorite photo spots in all 50 U.S. States.  It will give you some facts about those spots and tell you how to get to them.
  • Culture Trip: Travel & Explore – Maybe you want to see some of the gems that are a little more off the beaten path? This app gives you recommendations of places to visit and stay from local insiders.
  • Autio – Audio For Travel – Want to know more about something you just passed? This app is designed to be your in-car tour guide.  It’s location based.  So if there’s a story to be told about the location that you’re driving through, you’ll hear it voiced by stars like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, John Lithgow, and more.
  • Packing List Checklist – How many times have you gone on vacation and forgotten something? It happens all the time!  That’s what this app is for.  It provides you with a checklist of all the important things to consider and pack before you travel!
  • Would You Rather?  - If you’re traveling with friends, why not get to know who they are while you’re driving?  Get a ton of ‘this or that’ style questions that will help pass the time. **Be aware that the link will take you to an adult version of the app**
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