Last year, there wasn't a lot happening at the Ice at Canalside due to the pandemic.  But this year, it looks like the things you used to love are back!

There really is a ton of stuff to do at Canalside.

Years ago the big debate in Buffalo was about what we should do with our waterfront.  People went back and forth about how to develop it to make Buffalo a destination that people would want to visit.

They seem to have been able to achieve it.  There are so many activities there and there are more coming just about every month.  We've had curling, ice bikes, ice skating, and ice bumper cars.  Now we've got a carousel that has some strong Western New York roots.

So when will it all open back up?

It looks like it will be opening sooner than you'd think.  They're aiming for an opening date of November 26th.


You may notice the igloo rentals are back.  That's something unique that you should try for a date night even if it's just once in your life.  It's pretty cool.

You may have also noticed that they're going to have new food and beverage choices this year too.

The best part about the Ice at Canalside is that you can do all this fun stuff either with a group of friends or you can bring the family for some family fun too.

Need info on what it costs to rent out some bikes or to take a shot at curling for the first time?  All the info you need can be found by clicking on this page.


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