It was only a couple of weeks ago that we told you about Perry's new flavors.  Now they've announced even more new flavors for 2022.

Perry's has been making ice cream and distributing it to corner stores and homes for over 100 years right here in Western New York.  Their story is a pretty cool one about a man named H. Morton Perry who had an at-home dairy delivery business.  He was asked to provide ice cream to Akron High School by the cafeteria manager there.  So he started to make up small batches on his stove at home.  Now, they are one of the premiere ice cream brands around Western New York and beyond.  And they still use nearly 100% milk from farms here.

So when they come out with new flavors, it's exciting knowing that not only are they going to help out our local farmers...but we get to eat all the new ice cream.

They just announced that they will be releasing 3 gallon tubs of the new flavors to scoop shops and food service restaurants this spring.  The new flavors are:

  • Blueberry Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream with blueberry swirls and cheesecake pieces
  • Coffee & Donuts: Coffee ice cream with vanilla cream swirls and donut pieces
  • Blue Moon: A cosmic blue colored mystery flavor with hints of fruit, spice, and vanilla

Something that Nichole Buryta, Senior Brand Manager at Perry’s always points out is that the flavors are a result of listening to consumer feedback.  That's why they chose to bring back the Blueberry Cheesecake flavor that is a favorite in the area.

It looks like these ones won't be available to stock your freezer with, but you'll find them at your favorite local shops.

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