What did Terry Pegula do before the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres?

He owned a massively successful (obviously) oil fracking company and sold it when taking on the Buffalo Sabres. He got back into it shortly after starting a new company, JKLM Energy. The letters are from the names of each of Kim and Terry's kids.

The regulations that the company is violating are in their fracking location in Pennsylvania.

JKLM Energy has had its share of investigations:

  • Investigators have visited JKLM Energy 20 times
  • Then they have assessed $508,317 in fines

It's important to note it's not wildly out of the ordinary for companies like this to get checked in on often.

His fracking wells have punctured the quiet, pristine countryside and been cited for more violations of state regulations per active well than any operator in the state in recent years, according to a report released last spring", according to InvestigativePost.org.

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