Dear Buffalo and Western New York,

Summer is officially over and that means that fall is finally here. I love summer. The warm weather is always welcomed every year and with it comes all the great concerts, live events, and windows-down drives that can't be beaten.

However, as much as I love summer, there is something magical about fall in Western New York.

For starters, the peak fall season lasts much shorter than summer. Late September to late October is far and away the peak fall season. Summer peak can last from mid-June to August. So, the chance to enjoy the peak fall season is shorter.

What makes autumn so special, though?

I think living in Buffalo plays a huge factor. This is football season. For the next several months, the Bills will dominate water cooler talk, social media, and headlines. The Bills are a way of life here. They bring the community together, and when they're back for the regular season, it creates this magical feeling all across Western New York.

Then you have all the fun fall activities that include sports.

The Ellicottville Fall Festival, corn mazes, haunted houses, apple cider, orchards, hayrides, and pumpkin farms are always popular and special for families.

The weather isn't hot, but it's also not too cold. It's that perfect jeans and hoodie weather. I personally adore that weather. It's the absolute best and I'll take it over 90 and sunny any day of the week.

Also, how could I not talk about the food?

The fall beer, apple cider, pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, cookies, Halloween candy, and all the awesome comfort foods that are usually best eaten when the weather gets cooler.

Summer has great food, too, but it's not quite as fun, other than let's say the drinks.

I think the argument can be made for why summer beats fall in other regions of the country, but for Western New York, fall is the best pure season. I would still pick the lead-up to Christmas as my favorite "time" of year, but in terms of favorite "season," it's absolutely the fall.

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