This was the weekend that people who want the Buffalo Bills to build a new stadium with a done were hoping for.

A massive snowstorm came through Western New York and the epicenter was Orchard Park, the home of the Buffalo Bills. The snow was so great that the team was forced to turn their practice into a zoom meeting only one and of course the team had to move their home game against Cleveland to Detroit due to the weather.

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Check out photos of the snow at the home of the Buffalo Bills Highmark Stadium.

    When the announcement about the game moving the game out, all those people who said the Bills should be building a dome were right on social media saying we told you so!  

So would a dome make a difference this weekend? NO!

Sure the weather inside the dome would have been nice but the issue would be outside the dome. Orchard Park recorded the most snow in a 24-hour period in the history of New York State and while the plows have been out, there is no way that you could guarantee the safety of the Bills and Browns players, team staff, and fans. They couldn't get to the dome.

Sure a Dome on a normal winter day might help the team and keep the fans nice and warm, but don't forget how bad it can be going to work or school in the cold and snow. You have multiple layers, and then when you get inside you have to take it all off so you can be comfortable in the office or school. Most places have lockers to keep your winter gear, but the stadium would not.


So would you want to tailgate for hours in the cold and snow and then sit in wet clothes during the game? Heck no, if you are all geared up for the cold and snow pre-game, wear it during the game.

So for all you Domers out there, make the trip to Detriot on Sunday and you will get to see your team play a home game in a dome.

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