It seems like we have the same exact conversation every single year, and 2020 is no different. How soon is too soon, to play Christmas music?

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Apparently now is okay for at least one major retailer.

According to many social media posts on Monday, Kohl's has switched to Christmas music in their stores.

My fiancée also works at a Kohl's here in Western New York and she also told me that they have indeed started playing Christmas music as of this week...

I love Christmas. It's without a doubt my favorite holiday and I'm fine with the eagerness when it's around the corner...but it's October 13th, and yeah, this means just under three straight months of Christmas music and I can see why people are saying "really?"

If you work at a retailer playing Christmas music already, it's probably going to wear thin very quickly...

When is it okay to start playing Christmas music?

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