We all know Ralphie from a Christmas Story. He had an iconic role in that movie. Well, he is also an Elf...




That's right! Ralphie is "Ming Ming" in the movie ELF starring Will Ferrell. That is so mind boggling to me. You know what is even funnier? People are flocking to "A Christmas Story" house to take pictures.

He was  9 years old when he did a Christmas Story and he's gotta be around my age right now. LOL.

So, what is "Ralphie's" real name? Peter Billingsley. He is a Hollywood producer, writer, and does a lot of behind the scenes things. To know he had a mini cameo in the movie ELF truly is mind boggling to me.

Did you know this? What is your favorite part in a Christmas Story?

What is your favorite part in Elf?

"The best way to bring Christmas cheer is sing it loud for all to hear"

Happy Holidays!


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