Yesterday Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, but what we walked away with were a bunch of memes from Bernie Sanders.

Regardless of your political views, yesterday was a historic day. A new president was inaugurated and the first woman to ever hold the office of Vice President took the oath too.  It was historic.  But this isn't about politics. What happened after the ceremony took place was pure gold.

Bernie Sanders is a senator who represents the state of Vermont. He is 79 years old.  He's been through a few inaugurations. It gets cold in Washington DC in January...he knows this. So he came dressed for the weather. I don't blame the guy at all for what he wore. The mittens that he was wearing were homemade. As a matter of fact, they were knitted by a teacher from Vermont. He looked like he wasn't going to get cold, that's for sure, but the pictures weren't incredibly kind to him.

The memes blew up on the internet. People really showcased their creativity with some of the pictures. But the absolute best one was one of him dressed like he was at a Bills game:

I'm not sure who made it, but it's absolutely perfect.

Tell me that doesn't look like your grandpa watching the Bills game outside.  It's complete with the Bills blanket and even a pendant.

There were plenty of memes and each was just as funny.


If you're a fan of the show Game of Thrones, this one will make you laugh:


Not even an amusement park ride will change this expression:


There are TONS of them on Twitter.  But again...nothing tops the Buffalo one.


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