Look what may happen at Darien Lake in the future instead of buying tickets!

Instead, you'll buy your 'admission' and somehow your facial recognition will be linked to the admission so, when you get to the gate where you would normally hand your ticket to be scanned you would walk through something like a metal detector at the airport and your face would be scanned for entry.

Live Nation has invested in the facial recognition technology although, there is no future details released on the project.

Seems too crazy right? What if you buy admission the day of for a concert at the box office? Good question, there was no details on that yet.

Think it won't work though? They use this stuff for the Olympics to pick people out of crowds. It's wild.

While it’s not difficult to image how facial recognition technology could be used to assist law enforcement – Chinese police used similar tech to apprehended a suspect in a crowd of 60,000 concert-goers just last month – these things certainly aren’t foolproof. Gizmodo recently reported that facial recognition technology used by South Wales police during the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff had a 92 percent false positive rate. Of the 2,470 potential criminals identified, 2,297 were wrongly labeled", according to Hypebot.com!

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