Over the past weekend you might have experienced something rather interesting if you were at Art Park.



Jack White who is best known for his work in The White Stripes demanded a cell phone free zone at Art Park on Friday night. This was rather shocking to concert goers as they were not expecting it. So, let's paint this picture; you walk up to Art Park, you open your purse, you get frisked, and then they ask you to place your cell phone in this pouch and was told to not open it during the show.

Some people were really livid about this. I think it is rather genius. Too many people are on their phones during a concert and can't enjoy the experience. This has been an ongoing issue with people in general. Everyone is glued to their phones. It is really ridiculous! Kudos to Jack White for setting a standard that other artists should follow. Yes, it stinks you can't take pictures, but you are making memories and that lasts a lifetime.

What are your thoughts on this? Did they take it too far? Would you oblige by this request or cause a raucous about it? Or, would you be like me and maybe sneak a pic or two on your phone? LOL.

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