New York State is hosting a free fishing day. On Friday, November 11, 2022, anyone can fish without a fishing license. You will need to abide by all other freshwater fishing regulations.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation encourages New Yorkers to who have never gone fishing before to try fishing for the first time on the free fishing day. Or if you're an avid fisher, invite a family member of friend who isn't to join you on Nov. 11.

The Most Polluted Lake In U.S. Is Located In New York State

New York State is home to the #1 most polluted lake in America. Actually, we have two lakes among the top 5 most polluted in the United States. We're also the only state with two (in my opinion, three) lakes on the list. AZ Animals put out the list of the top 10 for 2022. The reason I believe we actually have three lakes on the list is that Lake Erie is listed for Michigan, but we also share the lake. I'm no scientist, but any pollution from Michigan most likely makes its way to other areas of the lake, including our side.

The most polluted lake in the U.S. according to AZ Animals is:

1. Onondaga Lake, New York

The most polluted lake in the United States is Onondaga Lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It is not only one of the most polluted lakes in the country, but also takes a spot in the most polluted lakes in the world. Pollution of the lake has been an issue since the late 1800s, with ice harvesting prohibited as early as 1901. For years, raw sewage was thrown directly into the lake, resulting in high nitrogen levels and algae blooms.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The other New York lake that made the list of the most polluted in America is:

Oneida Lake, New York

Google Maps
Google Maps

Oneida Lake is located northeast of Syracuse, near the Great Lakes. It landed in the #5 spot on AZ Animals' list. It suffered from algal blooms, rooted vegetation, and excess phosphorus. Run-off from agriculture as well as cities and suburban areas contributed to algal blooms in Oneida Lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

AZ Animals says that New York State has deemed both lakes safe. Supposedly, now residents can enjoy fishing and leisure activities at the lakes. But for me personally, there's no way in hell I would get into either of them.

The other lakes on the top 10 list are:

10. Utah Lake, Utah
9. Lake Kinkaid, Illinois
8. Grand Lake St. Mary’s, Ohio
7. Lake Lanier, Georgia
6. Lake Washington, Washington
4. Lake Michigan, Wisconsin
3. Lake Erie, Michigan
2. Lake Okeechobee, Florida

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