Ever since Naval aviators reported anomalies in the skies off the coast of California that were beyond explanation, the UFO phenomenon has surged.

But I haven't heard much about local sightings until a story aired on NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV).

Apparently, Gene Godzala saw something he described as “very unusual” around one night a couple of months ago, around 9 o'clock in the evening.

“A red round light. It stopped. Dead stop. And it turned green,” Godzala, a West Seneca resident, explained as he pointed to the sky from his backyard deck.

He did as many of us would, called his wife to come out and observe what he was seeing.

“I was like, oh my goodness. You couldn’t watch it travel,” Sue Godzala recalled.  “It just moved and was in a different location… it was a circle.”

They reported the case to the Mutual UFO Network, responsible for collecting reports of UFO sightings.

Jack Fay, a retired New York State Police captain and now a MUFON field investigator,  the Godzalas are “very credible people.”

“Most people are decent people and they just seen something that they don’t understand and that’s what we’re here for,” Fay said. “Mostly my job a lot of times with this and the paranormal is to try to explain to people well look, maybe this is what you seen.

According to the agency, there were 900 sightings worldwide in the month of May alone, with most coming from the United States.

Cassidy Nicholas, a MUFON a field investigator, says ...

“Anything that you look up in the sky and you don’t know what it is…it’s unidentified to you so therefore it’s a UFO. That doesn’t mean it’s full of little green men,” said Nicholas

MUFON, along with the National UFO Reporting Center, provides an online reporting system for the public and allows users to search for the latest sightings.

MUFON has classified the West Seneca sighting in May reported by Gene and Sue Godzala as an IFO — likely man-made.

I have personally seen things in the sky that I could not explain, with most of them occurring over Lake Ontario. However, unlike the Godzala's, I was reluctant to report the incidents.

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