Lets start getting back to normal, right? This thing looks incredible.

Now, you may have seen some of the tiki tours that run out to Riverworks by Buffalo Tiki Tours, right? This is the next latest and greatest adventure that they are bringing to Buffalo called the Grand Luca. I have dubbed it a 'mobile island' because it is so big--much bigger and can hold more people than the other tiki tour boats. It even has a bathroom on board! Probably a great idea for birthdays of course, but family outings or maybe even just random nights in the Summer when the weather finally breaks here in Western New York.

If you are felling crazy--you could even get MARRIED on the Grand Luca (they have a minister that can marry you and your significant other!)

In order to get some more information on the Grand Luca and book for the Summer you can call or visit Buffalo Tiki Tours.

Buffalo Tiki Tours also offers Party Tractor Rides that will take you on tour of Buffalo and take you to bar to bar while you and your friends can ride in the back of a wagon as you get pulled around by a John Deere! For 20 people it costs $499 and then there is an additional cost for each person after that and you can get more information here!

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