New Sloth at the Buffalo Zoo and he is a cutie pa tootie!



After 32 year old Ethel passed earlier this year at The Buffalo Zoo, they were certainly due to have another Sloth come to the Zoo. Well, welcome Flash! Flash is a one year old two toed sloth from Ohio. He's only one years old! Can you imagine?

This is definitely something to take your kids to see. Though sloths are absolutely adorable, it might be hard to catch him. Sloth's like to sleep an average of 15 hours per day. That's right, 15 hours. So, when you do see him, he might be sleeping. Still, they are just so adorable!

There is a really cool video of Flash that you can watch here:


What other animals should the Buffalo Zoo get? I love going there to see all the animals, take Amber on the merry go round, and train rides and experience the Zoo.

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