The way we watch movies has changed a ton since we were kids. If you could create the ultimate movie-watching experience, what would it include?

When we were kids, going to the movies was cool, but let's be honest, it was nothing like the experience we have these days.  The seats were uncomfortable.  They just flipped up like what you'd find in a high school auditorium (maybe not even as comfortable as that).

The screen wasn't nearly as clear, and the audio was a far cry from what we get these days.  Things have only gotten better at the movies.

When the pandemic hit, a lot of people thought that movie theaters would become a thing of the past.  People were able to stream movies right to their TV at home.  They could watch the newest releases and never have to even leave their house.

But it still wasn't the same.  I've said it before, there is just nothing like the experience you can get watching a movie in a movie theater.  We've got chairs that recline now and in many cases are even more comfortable than what you've got at home. The sound is amazing.  The picture is crystal clear - and larger than life.  The popcorn alone is enough to make you want to keep coming back.

But what if you could have anything in a movie theater?  What would YOU add?  If you could dream up anything to make a movie watching experience even better, what would it be?

Here are 6 things I think they could add to movie theaters to make it even cooler to watch a movie...

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