I took my kids to the Lego Batman movie over the weekend.  It was touted as the biggest must see 'Kids' movie of 2017 so my expectations were very high...and it over delivered.


I laughed out loud as soon as the movie started, when Lego Batman calls out Superman.  It was hilarious and then just continued from there.  The writing, the character voices, and the animation were so good that this movie is an instant classic.


Will Arnett reprises his role as the voice of Lego Batman and crushes it.  His delivery is done so well that I could have watched the movie for 3 more hours.  He is joined by other's that also kill it, including Zach Galifianakis as the Joker.  Just like the Lego Movie, Lego Batman has an all-star cast and they all nail it.

Lego Joker

A few years back, movie studios realized that making kids movies 'adult friendly' was the way to go.  If it has adult humor that is over the kids head without crossing too many lines it will be a hit.  Lego Batman does this perfectly, and the amount of jokes they put in the movie is astounding.


Do yourself a favor and see this movie.  If you have kids it will be a good excuse.  If you don't, see this movie and then sneak into another one.

Lego Batman

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