Cars 3 came out this weekend and I took the opportunity to dodge the Saturday morning heat and went with the Fam to catch the third installment of the franchise.  I think I was more excited than my kids were to see it.


These movies have been extremely spaced out.  Cars came out in 2006, and Cars 2 was in 2011.  6 years later (and 11 years from the first) we finally get Cars 3.  Did it disappoint?  It did not.


It's hard not to like Lightning McQueen.  Owen Wilson voices the speedy race car, and his friend Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) is equally as lovable.  In fact, all of the characters are fun to watch and that is still the case in Cars 3.  The movie gets very nostalgic at times but it fits nicely.


It's back to racing and the story includes the next generation of race cars, which sets up a great Hero vs Villain scenario.  It is very easy to not like Jackson Storm, and most of the new race cars as well.  I don't want to give up too much but it is a fun movie and includes a mega twist at the end.  Is it worth the movie theater prices?  Yes it is.


And the public agrees.  Cars 3 is expected to make $60 Million in it's opening weekend ($34.00 of that coming from me) so it seems to be a safe bet to see.  My kids loved it and I found it entertaining as well.  Pixar did a great job with this one and the jokes are once again on point!  I recommend taking the kids to this movie and give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

cars 3

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