It may be hard this year to give mom any present other than a gift card with so many stores closed.  So with that in mind and with re-opening hopefully in the not too distant are some ideas . . .

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Here are some things we're told Moms will be looking forward to the most when social distancing is over.

1.  Visiting friends or family they haven't seen since before the quarantine.

2.  Going out to a restaurant.

3.  Going shopping in person (rather than just online).

4.  Going to a salon for styling or a manicure and pedicure.

5.  You can still order flowers online...or you can browse at a farmer's market (social distancing of course).

One in three of us say we're going to celebrate with mom in person this year.

and people surveyed said...29% will talk on the phone . . . 18% will have a video chat . . . 17% will use texts and instant messages . . .



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