Millenials are ruining divorce but it's not a bad thing.



The divorce rate in the US has dropped 18 percent from 2008-2016. The baby boomer generation was all about divorce. Something doesn't work? Why fix it? Throw it away. That seemed to be the issue.

Well, now the millenials are showing us up. They are getting married when they are older and the reasoning is due to have an insane amount of student loan debt coming out of college. It takes them longer to get established.

Researchers state that this is actually a good thing because they have years and education behind them, so couples are more apt to stay together.

I know we tend to bash the millenials but in this case, they are definitely doing something right. What are your thoughts on this?

I'm all about toughing it out to make it work. Obviously, there are certain circumstances where a marriage simply won't work and always remember you deserve the best!

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