I was honored to have been asked to be a wine judge for The Taste Of Buffalo. I did, however, break a record and something else...

Let me paint this picture. You are in a board room with fancy, spinning chairs, an executive style table and 12 people you don't know. We introduce ourselves and right off the bat, they were saying how they love the new morning show! I was flattered!

We have a scoring sheet with our own individual name on the top. We got the chance to sample 12 different wines from several local wineries. We had water, crackers, and a spit bucket. You have to make sure you rinse your glass by pouring water into it and dumping it in the spit cup.

For the record, no one spit unless the wine tasted bad which was a rarity.

They had the wines all wrapped up in a brown paper bag so we didn't see what we were drinking. (Blind taste test)

I was 6 tastings in and they gave us generous amounts to taste. Well, I was rinsing my glass with the water and I ended up breaking it. I was absolutely mortified!



I was told by Darcy Hitchcock who is the Winery Chairman for the Taste of Buffalo that I was the first person ever to break a wine glass at The Taste of Buffalo and they are celebrating 35 years!

I was also told that I was the most fun, upbeat, judge that they have had in awhile and it was refreshing! I was asked to come back next year and if you break a glass it is good luck!

The wines that won?

Best Red Wine: Spring Lake Winery our of Lockport, NY for their Cabernet

Best White Wine: Victorianbourg Wine Estate out in Wilson, NY for their Pechette Blend

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