The Mega Million jackpot has reached record levels and if you want to increase your luck of getting a piece of the jackpot you might want to do this.

The Mega Millions jackpot is now up to $1.35 Billion dollars which is the 2nd largest in Mega Millions history. The cash lump sum payout is around $707.9 million dollars and many people across New York have already spent that money in their minds.

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It would be nice to win it all, or even win a portion of that jackpot so if you want to increase your odds of winning, where you buy your ticket might help.

Over the last several years, it seems that there are three places that seem to have more "Big Cash" prize winners. That would be winners of $5000 or more.

According to, these stores between 2012-2107 seem to be luckier than the others for people when they buy tickets here in New York State.

7-11 has had more than 1000 "big cash" lottery winners

Tops Markets has had more than 350 "big cash" lottery winners.

Wegmans has had more than 280 "big cash" lottery winners

Now if you were to win the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday, your jackpot would be the largest in New York State history.

The current largest jackpot ever won in New York was in 2014 when Harold Diamond won the $326 million jackpot. He had bought $10 worth of quick picks.

If you plan on playing the Mega Millions this Friday you may want to stop at one of those three stores and maybe buy a quick pick ticket.

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