The Mega Millions is at the highest in history... 900 Million as of right now... It might even hit a Billion by tomorrow. What should you do if you hit?



I'm an optimist... I'm gonna hit the Mega Millions. Repeat after me... I'm gonna hit the Mega Millions. Here's what you should do if and when you win...


1. Sign the back of the ticket. This is to ensure no one steals it. In fact, sign it right now.

2. Don't tell a single soul. If you do, people will be flocking to you for donations.

3. Don't automatically take the lump sum. Remember some banks are only insured up to 250,000.00 Can you imagine what that might feel like? Checking your balance and wondering WOW! Look at all that money in there!

4. Don't back your friends business ideas. I know they mean well but people including just people who are acquaintances will guilt trip you into it.

Well, there you have it! What will you do with 900 Million dollars?


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