If you didn't see the movie Spring Breakers, you missed a doozy.  James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens starred in a crazy movie about 4 girls from a small town who go on spring break and meet Alien(Franco) and get caught up in the eccentric drug dealer's life.


It was a very bizarre film that made you think about how did it even get the green light?  At the same time it's very watchable and somewhat entertaining.  Well, they have decided to make another!


I can't imagine what the next one could be about, but the fact that it will star Matthew McConaughey has me intrigued.  If you're gonna make a sequel to this, he is probably the only guy who could pull it off!


Shooting for the movie starts this fall with a release for next year.  Here's to hoping they can top the first one!




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