In case you missed the news from a few weeks ago, there was a casting call for an upcoming Paramount Pictures movie that would be filming in Western New York this spring.

Crews were then filming an Amish-type setting in the Town of Allen in Allegany County two weeks ago, which indicated the movie had begun filming in Western New York.

That filming appears to have come up to Buffalo and the southtowns.

WIVB is reporting that crews were filming a movie for Paramount Pictures in the City of Buffalo on Wednesday night, although there are still no extra details on who will star in the movie and who is directing the film. WIVB reports that crews are expected to film for another week.

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Apparently, the film crew was also spotted earlier this week at the Denny's in Orchard Park, according to WBEN, and Tim Clark, the Executive Director of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission says that a very large movie will be moving in to Buffalo to film after this movie is done shooting. Maybe even some famous directors and actors coming through? We'll see.

WIVB reports this movie from Paramount should hit theaters next year.

February of 2020 was the only time in my life that I witnessed a film crew in Buffalo; when Guillermo del Toro and Bradley Cooper were in Buffalo's Niagara Square filming Nightmare Alley, which was filmed in Western New York before the pandemic started and will be in theaters at the end of 2021.

I love all the attention that Buffalo is getting from Hollywood movie makers. This could be just the beginning of many movies filmed here and it's so cool that directors such as John Krasinki (A Quiet Place II) and Guillermo del Toro (Nightmare Alley) decided to film here for their major motion pictures.

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