The Skyway is back in the news again, or should I say possible alternatives to the Skyway. The Governor and Transportation Committee Chair Senator Tim Kennedy are proposing a plan for a design competition for an alternative to the Buffalo Skyway.

"Let's come up with a new vision for Skyway, and then we will make it happen," Cuomo said.

The winning design, within 6 months will get $100,000

Rep Brian Higgins, New York's 26th district Democratic Congressman, says it's better to start this project now rather than later because the Skyway's "useful life" expires in 2030.


"The current skyway sits on 20 acres of waterfront land that's dead economically. That will be removed, and [it] will open those lands up for new parks for new economic development," he said.

Here's the story from WIVB-TV:

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