There's a Starbucks inside of the grocery store at Smith's Grocery and there was quite an incident the other day.

A woman ordered and started drinking her Green Tea Frappuccino on ice and when she got to the bottom she said it started tasting bad. Her kids discovered that at the bottom there were two white things that looked like pills. She recorder herself dumping the drink out in the lawn and called a friend that worked at a different Starbucks and they believed that the two 'pills' were actually cleaning tablets used to clean the machines at Starbucks. Smith's grocery store released a statement:

Smith’s store director and our customer service team have apologized to the customer directly for the mistake and worked to assure her of our commitment to make this right. This mistake should never have been made and both Starbucks and Smith’s are working together to understand how this happened and to remind associates of our cleaning procedures designed to help prevent this type of situation", according to FOX.

Both Starbucks and Smith's has reached out to directly apologize and the women does not think anyone did it intentionally.

She went to the hosptial and was throwing up, yet ended up being OK.

Her lawyer is involved and she does believe that the businesses should cover the medical expenses.

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