I have a close friend that 8 years ago started a local campaign to recognize our veterans.

My friend is Dr. Kristin Jacobsen, the campaign is called "Hands Healing Heroes".

The name of her campaign comes from the fact that she is a chiropractor, and is committed to providing complimentary chiropractic care to any serviceman or woman wounded in combat.

Her goal is to make this a giving back to heroes campaign for those who rightfully deserve it. She hopes as many people as possible copy this idea, no matter the profession.

Those that don't have their own business, can offer to make dinner, mow a lawn, paint a child's room, give them a gift card to the supermarket ... anything, even if just a sincere "thank you" with a handshake. (Dr. Kristin Jacobsen)

Dr. Kristin is the type of person that inspires hope in individuals, not just by thoughts and words, but by her actions. She happily displays her hope in humanity and invites us to share with her in expressing our appreciation.

This Saturday, September 25th marks the 8th Annual Hands Healing Heroes Veterans Appreciation Day.  It will be held at Niagara Falls High School on Porter Rd in the Falls from Noon till 4 pm

The event is FREE to all veterans and $10 for the general public…

Details below...

Photo Credit: Dr. Kristin Jacobsen
Photo Credit: Dr. Kristin Jacobsen

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