The price of success in the NFL is high for winning teams and the more the Buffalo Bills win the more they might have to rebuild once again.

Last season the Buffalo Bills saw their offensive coordinator Brian Daboll leave the team for head coaching with the New York Giants.

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At the end of this season, Head Coach Sean McDermott might be looking for another coordinator. Not on offense but on defense.

The Denver Broncos fired their head coach Nate Hackett earlier this week and Yahoo Sports is saying that Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is now the odds-on favorite to get the job in the offseason.

Frazier does have plenty of head coaching experience which would be a complete 180 of Hackett, who didn't have any head coaching experience when he was hired by the Broncos.

Fraizer was the interim head coach for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010 before landing the job full-time in 2011. He was their head coach was until 2013.

He has been on the Buffalo Bills coaching staff since 2017 when he signed on to be the team's defensive coordinator. In 2020 he was elevated to assistant head coach along with his duties as defensive coordinator.

If Frazier were to leave the Buffalo Bills, the team doesn't have someone to step in like they did last year on the offensive side. Ken Dorsey was already on staff and was being groomed to take over when Daboll left the team.

Some fans might argue that the transition hasn't been great, but the Bills are currently the #1 seed in the AFC and have clinched the AFC East title once again this season.

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