Reese Witherspoon is in talks to do a Legally Blonde 3


If you are anything like me you have probably watched Legally Blonde several times. For me, it was a pivotal moment in my life. I was dealing with my first, real, break up and my life was turned upside.

Now, mind you, I was 17/18 years old when the movie came out in 2001, going through my first break up and now it seems minuscule compared to what life has thrown at me. Regardless, at the time, I was really depressed. Break ups shake our core, hardens us, more importantly it grants us life lessons and we learn so much about ourselves. We may not see it when we are dealing with it, but you know how the old saying goes, "In darkness, we find the light." This movie did just that for me.

I remember thinking to myself, I am not from Cali, I don't look like a barbie doll, but Legally Blonde was a feel good movie. It gave you life lessons that you could relate to.

I still watch this movie and feel good. I am in my 30's and would love to have an Elle Woods in the courtroom on my side in a divorce or custody matter. LOL. It is amazing how a movie can really reach out to a wide age range.

I know they came out with a Legally Blonde 2 in 2003 and it didn't have all the "good" feels, and I am anxious to see how Legally Blonde 3 might play out. Divorce? Moving? Marriage? Kids? Who knows? It is still pretty cool and brings me back to this amazing movie!


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