First off, let me say I'm sorry.

This year will be the worst year when it comes to losing your spouse or significant other to the video game Madden.

For the first time in the video game's history, a Buffalo Bill is gracing the cover of the game and that means members of Bills Mafia will be going ever crazier over the game. I know that my wife hates the day that Madden gets released.

Back before the digital downloads, I would drag her with me to GameStop or some other video game store at midnight, wait in line to buy the game and I would precede to ignore her for the next couple of days as I played the game.

Now that I can download the game, I just tell her I am playing Madden and she knows that she has lost me for at least a couple of hours.

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With Josh Allen being on the cover, this year it will be worst. There will be so many extras using Allen and the Bills, that any fan of Buffalo will be spending some extra time playing the game.

The yelling and screaming will be louder, the gaming sessions will be longer, and the love for Josh Allen will be greater with this version of the Madden video game.

Madden's release date is set for August this gives you plenty of time to prepare for the worst.

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