Bon Jovi honors the resilience of New York City, it's people and first responders in his latest music video entitled "Do What You Can".

Opening the video are clips of the city ordering a "shelter in place" from the COVID-19 crisis with an announcer talking about New York City's unbeatable nature and that  "we will get through this".

We see gripping visuals of the city during lockdown: a social distancing sign on the street, "closed" signs in store windows, workers wearing masks, stadiums devoid of fans, families visiting through windows, unable to visit "in person".  Jon Bon Jovi, wearing a mask, walks through the city volunteering where he can and waving at strangers.

The video ends with a text dedication to "the everyday heroes fighting to rise above this pandemic."

"Shooting a video on nearly empty streets of Manhattan amid a global crisis really told the story of 'Do What You Can' from the place where I lived it," Jon Bon Jovi said in a statement. "And I know those empty streets look similar to so many parts of America battling this pandemic. But the story of everyday heroes showing amazing courage was inspiring to see, and the video, much like the song, has a great deal of hope in it too."

I actually had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Jon Bon Jovi during a trip with CBS radio a few years back, as shown in this pic of a younger Joe Chille with a younger Jon Bon Jovi...

Photo Credit: Joe Chille
Photo Credit: Joe Chille

"Do What You Can" is from the band's upcoming album 2020, scheduled for release Oct. 2. The latest album also includes mirrors recent social issues with "American Reckoning," mourning the death of George Floyd.



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