John Mayer has for many years been, for lack of a better term "misunderstood". It’s been nearly 20 years since he was thrust into the spotlight and became one of pop music's biggest names before stepping out of it all until he finally decide how he was to define success in his own way.

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John Mayer‘s success was “a gift and a curse”; his talent and his songs made him a superstar and the fans ate it up with his boyish charm and the ability to sing about things girls in high school can relate to.

Now Mayer spends his days cementing his reputation as one of the best blues guitarists  ever while touring with Dead & Company. He also devotes a good chunk of time showcasing his sense of humor on TikTok.

But with success comes pitfalls. Back in New York City in 2005 a woman tried (and failed) to get a picture with him on a sidewalk as he was entering a car.

It’s easy to assume Mayer was simply ignoring one of the countless people he was asked for pictures on a daily basis back then, but he has since decided to atone for the snub over 15 years later by writing on an original song to make up for the perceived slight.

Listen to John's song to Christine here:


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