Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been engaged for what, a month and already J-Lo is looking for a guarantee against cheating?  I guess this is standard operating procedure for the rich and famous.

According to International Business Times...

A source says J-Lo doesn't believe the rumors, but she wants to be safe.  Quote, "She wants their marriage to last and loves Alex, but with three divorces under her belt, she's fully aware that sometimes the fairytale ending doesn't happen."


A-Rod doesn't think it's necessary . . . naturally . . . but the source says he's willing to sign it in order to, quote, "prove his commitment to her."

Lopez has a net worth of $400 million, with a yearly salary of around $40 million.          A-rod's net worth has grown to around $350 million and only continues to increase.

One thing’s for sure – with their combined net worth the eventual wedding will be out of this world !


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