While this gallery may not be the most perfect list of places to visit this summer, we think it comes very close.  Many will argue that this or that might not be everyone's favorite in the category, but for one man's opinion I am sticking tp these 24 most interesting, most delicious, and most historic sites to see!

This fun list has 24 "favorite" (a term used very loosely) places to visit this summer.  The propose is to get your interest and get your attention to all the many wonders out there along the back roads and byways of Upstate New York.  I have been traveling, writing, researching, and interviewing all over the region for more than 15 years, and have ten published books (from Syracuse University Press) to prove it.  So, if nothing else this is a fun list for you to explore.

Here you will find my favorite (and almost always "off the grid") places such as favorite hot dog stand, performing arts center, most sentimental celebrity grave, favorite pizza place, favorite fort, favorite drive in movie, favorite historic church, and more.  Including a favorite mini-golf with the Guinness World Book of Records-certified longest mini-golf hole in the world.

So check it all out.  Pick the ones you like the best and get up and out this summer and explore!!

Also, while there are thousands of choices for each and every category, if we missed your "favorite" we invite you to visit our Facebook page and give your choice of the best a shout out!

"24 Favorites" To Put On Your Upstate New York Summer Bucket List

As a long time Upstate New York travel writer, with ten books published, I have always kept a journal of many things I have seen or visited over my 12-years of writing. Here is a random selection of "24 Faves" of mine that I suggest you visit this summer. You won't be disappointed. Are these the "best" in every category? Of course not, because every person has their own idea of what is best. But are they favorites? They sure are!!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

"Meals on Wheels" 21 Of the Top Upstate New York Food Trucks!

Looking for the best New York food trucks to make a destination on your next day trip? We've got you covered. Take a look at some of the best ones that will make your taste buds dance! These food trucks cover all regions of Upstate New York, and they also cover all types of food at their trucks. I mean, truffle fries? Really? Sounds good to me!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio


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