Every food gets its day on the National Food Holiday Calendar.  May 28 is the day for brisket to step into the spotlight.

Although I have never been much of a barbecue eater, if I do end up at a BBQ joint somewhere along the Upstate New York back roads and byways, my eyes always seek out the word "brisket" on the menu.  Yes, that is my go-to barbecue item!

I love the blackened crust around the tender, juicy meat, as much as I love the meat itself.  Slow cooked and seasoned just right, thin slabs of brisket right off the cooker is something I look forward to every time.  While the Southern United States can probably lay claim to the "best of the barbecue" DNA in America, I have to say, Upstate New York is climbing the charts!

In this gallery of 11 wonderful barbecue restaurants (highlighting brisket), you will find lip-smacking places from the Hudson Valley all the way out through Western New York.  Some are newer places, others are those smaller roadside smoky places that are almost impossible to pass up as you drive by.  We have even included a barbecue food truck that makes brisket which gets rave reviews..  We have tried to shy away from the larger franchises (think Dinosaur Barbecue, etc.) because their reputations are solid and secure as great barbecue destinations.  So we chose to highlight some of the smaller places ("joints").

So here's to you "King Brisket", one of the nine prime cuts of beef.  It is your time to shine, so bring me a big ol' platter and stand back.

And remember, with so many BBQ places to mention, this list merely scratches the surface of fine places to get good barbecue.  If we missed your favorite place, please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  We really do want to hear from you!

Celebrate "National Brisket Day" at One Of These Top 11 Upstate New York BBQ Joints!

May 28 is "National Brisket Day." There are so many wonderful barbecue places around Upstate New York, that we just had to celebrate a short list of them as a representation of the high quality brisket (and other items) we have at our doorstep. This gallery looks at 11 different barbecue places around the region, from the Hudson Valley to far western New York, that specialize in wonderful, delicious, brisket as a highlighted menu item. If we missed your favorite "brisket destination," please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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