A woman on Reddit is upset with her friend after he told her he owed her for a favor, invited her to an expensive dinner and then insisted she split the bill.

"I have been friends with a guy, we will call him Rob, for years. He’s a very wealthy and successful guy, does very well for himself, and has no kids, never been married before, etc. He is a serial dater and his goal is to date the hottest girls he can. He spends sometimes thousands on them every week in buying them gifts, dinners, and straight up giving them cash. It’s his thing and one of the ways he likes to spend his money," she wrote on Reddit.

After a recent breakup that apparently sent her friend "spiraling," the woman made herself available to console him, offer advice and talk about it over the phone.

"We’re talking hours every day that I was spending on him and it went on for weeks. Quite honestly, it was exhausting after a while and there was definitely a lot of trauma dumping going on. I am a single mom who works full time and I don’t always have a lot of free time or mental energy but I did my best to support him," she continued.

One evening, the woman's friend invited her to dinner at a "really nice restaurant," saying that he "owe[d]" her for all the support she had given him. However, after they were finished eating, she was thrown for a loop when the check arrived and he told her, "'Alright, we’re splitting this thing.'"

"I was shocked, as he wanted this dinner and invited me! When I questioned him and also informed him that I had to pay $100+ to a babysitter to be able to go out with him, he insisted that he’s not paying for me, that we are just friends. I’m able to support myself and my kids obviously but going out is a treat because of how costly everything gets, $100 is a lot for me," she shared.

The woman paid her part of the bill and left the restaurant upset, thinking he should have treated her based on the tone and circumstances of his invite.

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In the comments, users blasted the man for using her and being cheap.

"This guy isn’t your friend, he’s a user. The invitation to dinner and the 'I owe you' would make anyone assume that he was paying for the meal. Block this guy and move on. He is using you as a therapist instead of treating you as a friend," one person wrote.

"'I owe you' is heavily implying that this dinner is a payback. If you’re paying for yourself he’s suggesting his company without whining about his ex is reward enough. It isn’t," another commented.

"I couldn't be friends with someone like him. I mean, you can't count other people's money, and what they spend it on is their business. BUT if you invite someone out as a treat for supporting you, to not pay is awful. Then to be argumentative when questioned is crass... You deserve a better friend," someone else chimed in.

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