Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has become one of the most famous players in the NFL. He's been a regular MVP candidate, a constant talking point among NFL pundits, and even been on the cover of the Madden NFL video game.

Allen has several major endorsements as well, including Gatoraid and Paramount Plus, to name a couple.

Needless to say, when you say "Josh Allen" to someone, chances are they immediately think of #17 of the Buffalo Bills.

There is, however, another Josh Allen who plays in the NFL. He's a Defensive End wearing #41 for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he's a VERY good player in his own right. Last year he had a whopping 17.5 sacks and is a dominant force in the NFL. Josh Allen of the Jaguars has earned the league's respect.

The problem is, he's not a quarterback.

This can hurt a player's marketability to get endorsements and recognition. So, The Jaguars' Josh Allen has decided to change his name.

Now this isn't Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills' fault. It's just a coincidence. That being said, this was a smart business decision for the now-named Josh Hines-Allen.

Maybe people won't get confused now.

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Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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