The city of good neighbors may have a mime hanging out in its biggest park.

It's not news. It's not a problem, either. It's simply a curiosity that has been brought up on the Buffalo subreddit (r/Buffalo) by a user wondering what the deal is with a particular individual.

What is a Mime?

A mime, according to Wikipedia,  is a person who acts out stories and scenes without words, only using body gestures. You probably knew that.

It's not a typically popular or regular thing to see these days, especially in a place like Buffalo. Some people equate them to being silent clowns, which isn't totally wrong and not meant to be an insult.

Regardless, mimes aren't common. So, why is there one in Delaware Park, allegedly?

Mime Hanging Out at This Park in Buffalo, New York?

The user on Reddit tells the story:


Delaware Park Mime
byu/Any-Strawberry-4721 inBuffalo

Is this being nosey? Yes. People can wear what they want. He's not hurting anyone and it's really no one's business. However, you have to admit you're curious.  After all, you're here right now. It's definitely different and maybe the makings of another great Buffalo local person with a fun quirk. People like this give Buffalo its character.

Many people have also seen him. Many others see him as just a person who likes to dress that way. What do you think?

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