The Buffalo Bills have some much-needed cap space coming as a result of a well-known player they released earlier this season.

The NFL salary cap has been an issue all offseason for the Buffalo Bills. Currently, they have a little under a million dollars worth of cap space according to SportTrac. That's not a lot for a team with an all-world quarterback trying to compete for a Super Bowl. The team purged a lot of well-known, and even beloved, veteran players this off-season to try and save cap space. Mitch Morse, Jordan Poyer, and Tre White were all cap casualties, among many others, to save space.

Then there's a move that shocked the NFL and did nothing to save them cap space: they traded superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs and ate a whopping $31 million in dead cap this year.

GM Brandon Beane says that was a move that hurts now but will pay off next season when all that money is off the books. Be that as it may, it leaves the Bills in a TIGHT cap situation for the 2024-25 season. However, one of the beloved players they released is about to give them the much-needed cap space the Bills desperately need.

Over $10,000,000 In Cap Space Coming to the Buffalo Bills

Tre White was designated as a post-June 1 release. That means, long story short, the Bills will now be given back over $10 million in cap space from White's $16.4 million contract. They essentially said they are waiting to officially release him until the new league year begins on June 2, and due to his contract situation, it saves the Bills roughly $10.2 million in cap space. That money will allow them to sign some of their draft picks, as well as free agents.

I personally would not expect them to make a huge splash with the money, but you never know who will be available later in the offseason. After all, Leonard Floyd, who led the team in sacks last year, was a late and relatively inexpensive addition to the Bills last off-season.

Let Beane cook.

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