These 3 New York Lakes are up for best in the country. Here's how you can vote to make them the top spot.

USA Today holds its annual 10Best competition based on readers' votes. There are a number of topics, including Best Free Attraction, Most Walkable City, Best Buffet Restaurant, and Best Lake in the US.

According to USA Today, an "expert panel" nominates a list of the 20 best lakes in the country. Then people can vote on their favorite for the honor of being one of the 10 Best, as well as #1.

This year's 10Best for Lakes includes gorgeous spots from around the country, including California, Oregon, Wisconsin, and more. New York State also makes an appearance on the 10Best list, three times.

Three Lakes Named Best in the Country From New York

One is a great lake. The other two are just as great. Here are the three lakes up for best in the country from USA Today.

Three Lakes Named Best in the Country From New York

These 3 New York Lakes are up for best in the country.

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Voting is now active and can be done until Monday, June 3 at noon ET. The results will be posted on Wednesday, Juen 12.

To vote, CLICK HERE. 

Personally, I'm partial to Lake Erie. Being originally from Buffalo, I spent so many summers at its beaches on its waters. It brings back a lot of amazing childhood memories. I also worked at a boat harbor on the lake when I was in college. It's an incredible site looking out at the vastness of it. My kids, 3 and 9, always ask if we are at the ocean when we see Lake Erie because of how big it is compared to most lakes.

Another recommendation I love to give, though not on the USA Today list, is Green Lake in Central New York. I lived in Syracuse for roughly 7 years, and this was a favorite of ours. It's absolutely stunning. The lake has a bright blue-green color to it that is very rare to find. The reasons behind that are better explained by scientists, so for more on that CLICK HERE.

Science aside, any picture you see of Green Lake never does it justice. It's something you need to see in person, in my opinion. There's a trail that goes around the Lake that is easy to walk or jog. The beach is very nice, with soft sand and beautifully clear water. It's a state park, so you can camp there. There's even a golf course.

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