Farmers who are growing marijuana in the Empire State could save up to $40,000 due to a waiver fee.

While most people think of "New York" as the largest city in the United States, the reality is New York is a large, mostly rural state with plenty of hard-working farmers. According to the New York Farm Bureau as of 2022, there are over 30,000 farms in the State operating on over 6.5 million acres of land. The top 5 crops and products produced in New York state according to the Farm Bureau are milk, corn (for grain), hay, cattle, and
apples. New York is the second-highest producer of apples in the United States, according to the AgMRC. How do you like them apples?

Farming is a difficult job physically and economically. According to, the average Farm Worker makes $17.60 per hour in New York State. That's not a lot. The owners don't haul in a lot either. The USDA reports the average farm owner will make just over $71,000 this year, which is down a whopping 27.2% from last year.

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Take inflation into consideration and it's a rough forecast. Plus, there's the cost of equipment, animal care, taxes, and of course fees from the state. Thankfully, though, farmers growing a specific crop could get a nice break from New York.

Cannabis Farming in New York

Cannabis is legal in New York and farmers are allowed to grow it. Such a crop would be very profitable to farmers and the goverment. The state itself stands to make over $ 436 million just in taxes and fees for marijuana. The fees, however, are part of the problem as there is a fee for farms to start growing it, which can cost thousands of dollars. However, New York is giving them a break with that cost.

How Farmers Can Save Up to $40,000 in New York

The New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) is waiving the cannabis cultivator licensing fees for the next two years (up through 2026). That fee, depending on the farm and size of the crop, will save New York farmers between $4,500 and $40,000.

The State is also trying to push through approvals for farms and dispensaries faster so that individuals, farmers, and the state can make money off of the sale of marijuana. Read more about all of this here: High Times.

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