Rising interest rates and inflation is causing the price of goods and services to rise all over the country. When that happens, many people look for ways to save money or find other ways to increase their incomes.

However, from time to time people will look for some illegal ways to increase the amount of money that is flowing into the house and that sort of thinking has seemingly landed one Buffalo couple in some serious hot water with the US Secret Service.

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According to reporting from WKBW-TV, Eric Butson and Catalina Hernandez, both of whom are from Buffalo, were arrested by federal officials and charged with multiple federal crimes including conspiracy to manufacture and pass counterfeit United States currency.

If they are found guilty of these charges, both face a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

US Attorney Trini E. Ross detailed that Butson and Hernandez are accused of making fake $100 bills and using them in various stores in and around Buffalo from December 2022 into March 2023. Some of those include Salsaritas, Elmwood Pet Supplies, Walgreens, Jim’s Steakout, and more.

In addition to the federal charges, it appears the couple also has charges pending in Amherst and West Seneca as well.

Counterfeiting Is A Problem In America

According to information released by the US Department of the Treasury, it's estimated that there is at least $70 million in counterfeit money circulating around the world.

Most of the fake cash is created in $100 denominations, because of this the US Treasury also works hard to make sure it's the hardest bill to fake.

The United States Secret Service publishes a guide to help people recognize the difference between official currency and counterfeit copies.

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